Fine Print

Before ordering, please read the sections below carefully.  Thank you!


For our Customers outside the USA:  Please email us with your order, and we will customize your shipping to your location. The shopping cart for this website will not be useful for customers outside the USA.


For our Customers ordering more than 20 items:  Please email us with your order, and we will provide you with bulk prices.


Before you order:

We strongly recommend that you measure your dog's neck before you order. Our collars have an approximate size range listed next to them on the "Our Products" page.


With black clip collars, you just need to measure close to the neck.  If you are on the edge of a range, please contact us at the email address in the footer of this page. 


With a martingale or a slip-on tag collar, you can find out how to measure your pup's neck below.  If all the measurements for the martingale or slip-on tag collar fit within our range, you can just find your size, but if it's outside the range, please contact us using the email address in the footer of this page for more information about the correct size for your dog.  If you need a size outside our ranges, like XS or XXL, please contact us and we'll get a size that will work for your dog(s)!



Collar use, wear, and changes:


Please inspect your dog collars everytime before use to make sure they have not been damaged due to scratching, chewing, rolling in the grass, playing in a pool or ocean, scratching on trees, or doing other lovely doggie things! We make sure every collar is up to our highest standards when it is shipped, but once a dog gets involved, you never know what can happen! The consumer assumes all responsibility for determining which collar is suitable for their own dog and situation.  You acknowledge that you accept all responsibility while using We Sew 4 You products when you choose to place an order.  All sales are final, so please make sure you have the correct style, size, width, and fabric before you place your order.  If you find you have made a mistake in your order, please contact us within 12 hours of placing your order, and we will be happy to make changes.  After 12 hours, we consider the order "placed" and it cannot be changed.


Our collars are easy to clean.  Just hand wash with cold water, and let it air dry for best results.



Shipping Information:

We use USPS Mail for packages within in the US, mostly First Class Mail, and USPS Global Mail for packages outside the US. We are usually able to get your collar(s) order in the mail within 7-10 days.  For customers outside the US, please contact us
at the email address in the footer of this page and we will customize your shipping to your location.  We add $1.00 on to every order to cover tracking.


How to measure a martingale:

 1)A Martingale collar needs to be big enough to fit over your dog's head --  measure (with a soft measuring tape) around the biggest part of your pup's head.

2) A Martingale collar needs to cinch up tight around your pup's neck when the dog pulls, without choking the dog --  measure the narrowest part of your pup's neck.  For dog's with lots of hair, pull the tape measure in past the hair close to the skin...otherwise the extra hair may cause the collar to slip off.

3) A Martingale collar needs to sit in the middle of your pup's neck so that it doesn't hang down too far at anypoint and get the dog tangled up --  measure the width of your pup's neck at the mid point.  If your dog has lots of hair, measure loosely at the middle of the neck so that the collar will sit nicely in the fur.